Digital craftsmanship

With a commitment to great design, user experience and scalability.

We specialize in mobile app development, tailor-made cloud solutions and large-scale back-end services.

3fs environment

We’ve been building cool things since 2005. Some on our own, some with awesome partners. Check out the product stats.

A grown-up company

We want to do more than build great products. We want to build a great company. One that is environmentally friendly and supports the local community.

We are proud sponsors of:,, and several independently organized tech events around Slovenia.

3fs character

We’re just a bunch of people trying to build great products.

Tools we use

We try to pick the tools that will help us build the best possible product rather then be hung up on sentiment. But to give you an idea of our competency, these are the tools we’ve been using often lately:

Go, PHP, Swift, Objective C, Unity, Java, CoreOS and Docker

Our awesome partners

Over the years we’ve established close relationships with some great companies.