3fs – digital product studio

About the studio

Not your typical company

We are a digital product studio. Launching independent ventures, consulting established companies and building community that makes it all possible.

Our roots

We started off as a team of eager propeller heads, pioneering the area of co-creation of internet (technology and content wise) in this part of Europe. We were co-authors of the first social community dedicated to knowledge-sharing in the fields of coding, design and marketing of digital products. Within this community and through cooperation, we got to know each other well, gained a good insight into talents, abilities, skills and knowledge in the area (this has proved to be important to this day). When we established our own company, work began on the nail.

Our first business opportunity was work for Scandinavian telecommunication companies at the time of large 3G technology and video telephony span. This industry is still one of our main areas of business and expertise. But over the years, we have also been able to prove our abilities in the media, finance and healthcare industries, and we have dived into the digital world of content – the gaming industry and cyber art projects in particular.

Today, we are a regionally recognised company with the ability to transform ideas into finished products from the ground up, regardless of the complexity. We continue to work with latest, most advanced technologies. We have an in-depth understanding of the end user and excellent insight into the global market. We appreciate immaculate design. These are some of the reasons established international companies repeatedly turn to us.

What we value


We keep our promises, and try to surpass them – moving technology, design and production boundaries further. Always. We do not stop at what’s expected of us. Ever.


The Kaizen principle of constant improvement is what we expect from ourselves, and our partners have thus come to expect from us. We have high standards and even higher ambitions. However, we acknowledge the importance of keeping both feet on the ground, humble and aware that we are craftsmen of the trade, hoping to become real artists someday.

Fit in or move along

We respect each other, embrace diversity and do not tolerate intolerance. We adopt only positive changes to the company culture. Towards even more open, more productive, more agile, environment- and people-friendly company.

We are always on the lookout for smart and talented people.