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Medical or Pharmaceutical expert

Maribor, Slovenia
We are looking for medical or pharmaceutical expert in Maribor or Kranj office that would help us develop clinical and decision algorithms for Awake Mixed Reality Medical simulation engine.
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Who we are

3fs is a digital product studio. We launch independent ventures, partner with established companies and build the community that makes it all possible.

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What we seek


  • Defining medical frameworks for mixed reality simulation of various biological processes and clinical events independently or in cooperation with external professionals.
  • Supporting 3D artists, animators and developers by specifying requests and evaluating accuracy of their work from the medical perspective.
  • Researching, developing or evaluating clinical decision making algorithms and specifying medical impact of medicaments on specific biological processes or clinical events.
  • Communication with external domain experts in the process of building new mixed reality simulation use cases.
  • Taking care for medical quality assurance of products.
  • Freedom to introduce and execute personal ideas about the use of case scenarios or potential business opportunities.


  • Scientific background in medicine or pharmacy. Finished degree or any kind of experience in general practice is a huge plus.
  • Basic knowledge of vital processes, biochemistry and most common urgent cases.
  • Enthusiasm for researching and deep diving into specific clinical areas.
  • Affinity towards bleeding edge technology and exploring new areas of possible integration.

What we offer

Career development

We want the company to evolve – and we want everyone to flourish with it. Our career development options include full time employment, competitive salaries and extra bonuses.

Global reach

Our work, team, partners and mindset are international. We take great pride in our global outlook and continuously learn from it.

Work environment

We strive to offer superb working conditions and wellbeing at our company: from lovely office environment, necessary tools and equipment, to fully stocked kitchen and bookshelves. And we don’t mind a furry assistant either (yes, we’re talking about dogs).

Work ethics

It’s important that work gets done – but it’s even more significant how it gets done. We stick to a limited hour work week, encourage remote work, and put family first.


We don’t take shortcuts. We offer medical insurance as a part of the Slovenian national healthcare system, actively take health precautions, and support and organize sport activities.


Social bonds are an important part of team and work dynamics, but are also a bedrock for the community around it. We strengthen these bonds at informal events and of course, around food.

Social awareness

Everyone decides for themselves how to contribute to a better society. As a company, we support and contribute to various causes with sponsorships, donations, volunteer work and mindfulness.

How to land this job at 3fs in under 4 weeks

Get in touch

Until we get our hands on a mind reading device, we kindly ask you to express your interest in working with us: send us your CV or work portfolio. If we like what we see, we’ll probably invite you to do a task.

We reply in 2–3 working days.

First practical task

The task is a simple, generic assignment in your field of expertise. It’s not intended to test or trick you, but to help us get a better understanding of how you think.

8 hours of work
1 week to complete the task
Remote work

First chat

We see chats as a two-way street: it is just as much our job to impress, as it is yours to impress us. Therefore, we prefer relaxed, frank conversations and don’t conduct psychological evaluations.

1 hour with People Operations
3fs offices or video call

Second practical task

The task is an in-depth, specific assignment in your field of expertise. It’s intended to evaluate your skills and ability to solve complex problems: your seniority.

8 hours of work
1 week to complete the task
Remote work

Second chat

You’re almost there! It’s time to clarify the details of your position and on-boarding. If you still have things you want to discuss, we’ll gladly talk about anything that’s on your mind.

1–2 hours with People Operations, team lead and CEO
3fs offices or video call

Job offer

At the end of this process, we both have pretty good idea whether we’re a match. We’ll warmly welcome you to the 3fs family with an offer. Keep in mind, that all our offers are final.

Offer is usually given in 2–3 working days.

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