3fs – digital product studio


Kick-start your career

Eager for first professional experience? Or dwelling on possible career change, before taking a big leap?
Feel welcome to apply for a 3fs internship. We offer hands-on experience with real products, complemented by internal courses and 1-on-1 mentorship.
Looking for a full-time position?

Create forward-thinking products with some of the best people in the industry.

Why intern at 3fs?

Flexible arrangement

The length of internship can last from three to twelve weeks. The exact length, type of work, working hours and payment are discussed fittingly before starting the internship.

Mentor and all necessities

Upon starting the internship you’ll be provided with all necessary equipment and an appropriate wingman, who will work closely with you on your assignments.

Fair pay

As a company we do not work for free, so we don’t expect anyone else to. We compensate even the shortest internships.

Employment options

It’s no secret that we want to prolong work with all interns who are a good match with our values, people and professional standards. Internship at 3fs is a perfect starting point for working for us long term or, let’s put it this way: a very long hiring interview.

Not sure if we’d fit?

Don’t worry. Come by the offices for a coffee, or meet us at one of our events.

Kickstart your career, apply for an internship.